Green In Action


By helping our clients design and build sustainable, earth-friendly landscapes – and by changing how we think and act – PearlDesign is committed to "green in action."

Our active participation in the New York Green program, and service to the organization, is proof of our commitment to healthy and sustainable landscaping practices. New York Green Program is a non-profit organization that educates homeowners, builders and remodelers, and certifies green building and remodeling residential projects.

Pearl's designers and crews think green

This means we are experts at using landscaping best practices to reduce the environmental impact of building and remodeling projects, and restore air and water quality.

Pearl Landscaping looks for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our homes and at work. We’ve significantly cut the amount of waste we generate in the office, and hope to begin work this season on a landscaping project that will significantly reduce the runoff from our office and parking lot.

To learn more about how landscaping can reduce your carbon footprint, contact us.

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