Creative Lighting Design Pearl Landscaping & Stone is your solution for elegant landscape lighting design, installation & service. We provide high quality landscape lighting, architectural lighting, pool side lighting and deck & patio lighting services that will increase the value of your real estate investment while providing added security.


Our Stunning, Low Voltage Lighting Systems Include:

* Professional Lighting Design & Consultation
* Elegant High-End Lighting Fixtures
* Exclusive Installation Method
* Optional Maintenance Program
* Lifetime Warranty
* 100% Satisfaction

Why Outdoor Lighting?

* Outdoor Lighting provides added night security
* Outdoor Lighting extends your living environment
* Outdoor Lighting enhances architecture and landscaping
* Outdoor Lighting increases real estate value

Why Low Voltage Lighting?

* Low Voltage Lighting requires 2/3 less power than high voltage systems
* Low Voltage Lighting is 1/4 the cost of installing a high voltage system
* Low Voltage Lighting is safer (reduced risk of electrical shock)
* Low Voltage Lighting has less obtrusive fixtures
* Low Voltage Lighting enables cleaner installations
* Low Voltage Lighting use energy efficient bulbs

For questions regarding additional services please contact us.

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