Drainage Solutions


Poor drainage can spell costly repair work for your home's foundation, basement, patio, or other outdoor areas. Southview provides a full range of services that will solve your drainage problems.

Grading: Making sure paved and unpaved surfaces slope away from the house, preventing pooling and erosion.

Retaining Walls and Outcroppings: Engineering the landscape to control erosion and runoff.

Catch Basins: Small, below-ground containers that collect runoff.

Drain Tile Systems: Corrugated (sometimes perforated) pipe that carries water underground from one area to another.

Dry Beds: Replacing soil with rock allows water to follow a channel below the surface, moving water to the proper location.

Rain gardens: Rain gardens are a great way to capture runoff while enjoying the beauty of native flowers and grasses. Water can be diverted to the garden with grading, downspouts, or with a drainage system.

Pearl Landscaping & Patio solves drainage problems for commercial and residential clients throughout Albany, Troy, Clifton Park, & Saratoga, NY. There are many possible solutions for drainage problems. If the problem is inadequate grading then you must find a way to redirect the drainage to a lower part of your yard. Our landscape professionals are experts in leveling soil, installing French Drains, retaining walls, drainage ditches, dry wells and catch basins. We will determine the most effective and most economical solution and then fix the problem.

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