Outdoor Audio/ Video


Custom Video and Integrated High Quality Audio in my Landscape? Certainly!
Once you have great sound outdoors, how do you control it? All of our music systems have wireless control options for complete management of your outdoor entertainment choices. Imagine sitting outside with your friends, listening to music from high school or college days. One of them asks if you can play something more recent, so you hand them your iPad or phone and say choose the next music selection!


Custom Video
Outdoor video continues to gain popularity. LCDs have an operating temperature range from about 4 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so for our region of the country they are great. Catching a fall football game on your back porch with friends is just a great experience. Don’t forget the audio either. Many of our clients tell us once they get a full surround system on their screened in porch they actually use it more than their family room tv! Serving Clients throughout Albany, NY & Capital Region.

We’d like to suggest ::

• Custom Audio and/or Video Wiring to expand your
Entertainment System into your Outdoor Living Space.

• Outdoor Speakers for Decks and Patios.

• Simulated Rock Speakers that Blend into your Landscape.

• Enhanced Landscape Lighting Control Options
including Remotes, Motion Activation and Sound Integration.

• Variable Lighting Control to Set the Mood for Entertaining,
Showcase your Garden, or Safely Illuminate a Path or Walkway.


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